Jun 21, 2007

Ants in My Pants

"Of all the people I know, that would happen to you," my friend says. I was attacked by ants. Tiny black ants. It was a nice summer evening, and my feet were itching. I didn't think much of it since I was wearing long pants and figured it was the pants brushing against my feet. After a few minutes I look down to see I am standing in an onslaught of ants and am covered up to my knees. At this point, I do what I felt was more reasonable... I ran around in circles swatting at my legs yelling "ANTS!" After I get them all off and calm down I notice my legs are itching. To which I realize, Oh god, they are in my pants. I get upstairs, rip my pants off, and yes, there were ants in my pants. So now I'm still freaking out and yelling, "I have ants in my pants!" Once all ants were gone I saw that I had been bitten up and down my legs. Awesome. So I had tiny ant bites - everyone swears blank ants don't bite... Really? ok. My legs beg to differ. I now jump when I see ants.