Mar 10, 2009

undone we go alone

i found this in my drafts tonight... it's from almost exactly a year ago. odd.

Saving up my hopes and watching each one as they crack
Wash them down the drain because they're never coming back
Times have changed and time moves on you circle 'round yourself
Sanity, it rests alone, gathering dust up on the shelf

I find meaning betrays itself and lied to us again
Solace, control, axe to grind, define it please my friend
Take away, to set alone, the selfish made to decay
Pushing hard and wearing thin there's nothing left to say


Genevieve said...

you have no idea just how much I can relate to this. I love the way you write, its like you took a zerox of my brain. <3

nicole falk said...

you're so talented...with the words and stuff

its very pretty in a sad way.

Genevieve Gail said...

Nice poem :). You won the jewelry stash BTW- send me your addy so I can mail it to you next week!