Apr 3, 2008

Body Snatchers

I'm afraid of aliens
And their ships from outerspace
I think it's rude and frightening
How they can steal you from your place

Aliens make my skin crawl
They make me afraid to go to sleep
I lay awake and contemplate
Which one of my organs they'd like to keep

I don't like watching alien shows
Late night on the tv
I know that when the lights go off
They're waiting to come take me

They'll whisk me off to their planet
To perform their science tests
Then take away my memory
While I was just trying to get some rest

I really do not like aliens
So don't shut my door at night
Leave my night light burning
And tuck me in real nice and tight


nicole falk said...

oh my god i love this so much i cant even explain!!!

everything about it is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

geez you are one talented chickee

piscesgen said...

Umm yeah, you're officially queen of the dorks!