Apr 22, 2008

Web Wars

So I developed my blog... And when I say developed, I mean customized what someone else had already done because XML is way beyond me (Blog Design by Gisele Jaquenod)... Anyways, I "customized" my blog in Firefox. For some reason at work, for the past few weeks, when I open Firefox it says it's running in Safemode. I don't know why. I took a stab at figuring it out, but quickly gave up thereafter. It doesn't even really affect the use of the site, as far as I can tell, I just don't feel like clicking the "Continue" to run in Safemode every time I open it. In it's place, I've been using IE. (At last we are getting to the point). As pretty much anyone who has played with the web knows, sites look different under different web browsers. Mine is no exception. And it looks like crap on IE. I played with the XML file enough to get it to be what I wanted on Firefox, I really don't want to go through it again for IE. So for those of you viewing with IE, or anything else that makes my profile font too big and everything else too small, I'm sorry. My bad. It's really pretty on Firefox. I swear.


I took the three seconds to look into it. Now everything is super big on Firefox and regular on IE. I guess it's better than too small?


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nicole falk said...

everything looks fine on my computer - im using firefox