Apr 9, 2008

Wednesday, the 9th

It was dark and it was dreary
The world had gotten damp
Tension was on an incline
Just like a handicapped ramp
The door wasn’t automatic
So I couldn’t quite get in
Late upon arrival
You asked, Where have you been?
I hadn’t one good reason
I hadn’t one good lie
I searched for an explanation
But decided not to try
The air grew even thicker
And darker grew the night
I searched the road for left turns
But I could only make a right
I couldn’t stand the contradictions
I found no reason in the trees
I couldn’t find an explanation
Of why I had to leave
All I knew was it was raining
For the moon, it did not shine
I knew that I knew nothing
And I kept that safe as mine


nicole falk said...

this is so creepy. i love it.

Ogoc said...

Your poem remind me of Dylan Thomas and Robert Frost. Underlying meaning, perhaps, or is it what it is