Jul 16, 2008


My car is officially paid off, 1 year and 2 months early. Which had me reflecting on what the poor car has been through over the last four years with me as her owner. I nearly totaled her in a three car accident in the ever so useless state of Connecticut; I've had a friend drive her in the Massachusetts winter, because he was used to the weather so he'd be better - I thought - then he drove into an icy snowbank and scratched up the fender (you know who you are); I've hit the pole in my parking garage and smeared her with yellow paint (which is completely unnecessary given the vastness of my parking spot); my uncle, although he denies it, backed into her knocking off my Honda emblem (and my brothers awesomely replaced it transforming her back from Ghetto Molly); I have hit countless curbs; Molly has driven many a mile to and from Boston; she has braved through the snowstorms in Morris Plains never once injuring me; she was hit by a holiday mall driver while I was getting cut off..... And all the while E.T. has cruised around in the back seat.

Now kids, notice how E.T. is buckled up. Safety first.


nicole falk said...

i freakin love that picture

nicole falk said...

and congratulations!!

shane j montgomery said...

possibly the hottest photo ever