Aug 4, 2008

Bad Idea? Probably.

If you know me, you know I hate my tattoo. I had spent countless hours researching what I wanted. I was big into ancient rune symbols at the time, for whatever reason, so I was trying to find one that would embody me in a single character. (Nothing defines you like a symbol in the shape of a "7" meaning who knows what).

So then one day, clear headed as always, I walked in to Shotsie's and picked something that had nothing to do with anything I had been researching. I was 18 and well on my way down the path of poor decision making. If nothing else, I get points for consistency. Or insanity. Either.

As the years wore on, I began to see the error of my ways and realized that my tattoo could very well say, "Eat at Joe's." So that's what I tell people it means, just to cover my bases. Late last year I began having laser treatments done to remove the tattoo. I imagined one session melting away the ink and erasing one of many bad choices. $1,000 later, it looks exactly the same. Thus began my searching the internet for an alternative. And BOY did I find one. I'll save the company's name for now, just in case I burn a hole into my back and put my spine on display. (That's what their disclaimer is for... well not in so many words). Anyways, I came across TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid). It was less expensive than the $150 Wrecking Balm alternative. I asked for the TCA for my birthday, and I got it. Hooray! Or no? I opened the USPS box to see the acid was wrapped in a paper towel, and then put in a ziplock bag. There were two pages of instructions on how to dilute it (as to not burn a hole in your skin), and the label on the bottle was right off an ink jet printer.

Yet, as you can tell by now, I never choose the wiser of the two roads. So I started trying the TCA. At the recommended dilution it just left a red square around the tattoo, but I don't think it did anything to the actual tattoo. Next logical thought... Maybe it needs to be less diluted. I'll keep you posted.

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piscesgen said...

ok so please keep me posted.. maybe the magic acid will wash away my friggin zit that has set up shop on my cheek. Worth a shot right?