Feb 25, 2009

Horror Stories From the Office Bathroom

I have a million of these. I thought about putting together a shared document on the office drive and letting everyone add their own, and then we could put together a book. It could be a way to commiserate with others that have to deal with ridiculous office bathroom behavior.

The latest and most common offender is people talking on their cell phones while in the bathroom. It begs so many questions! Is it so important to discuss your cousin's warrant for arrest and how he can't drive in New Jersey, that you have to do it while going to the bathroom and repeatedly flushing the toilet? Could that not wait until, I don't know, you were at your desk, or out to lunch? Does your friend/husband/boyfriend/relative know what you are doing while you are talking to them? Do you care that you are completely invading other people's privacy? (Clearly the answer is "No" to that last one.) I have to say, I don't know your family, I hardly know you, I don't really want them listening to me pee via cell phone.

Come on people, get it together.

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Genevieve said...

Oooh ooh I have a story! So I was at jury duty a few weeks back and in the morning while we were still awaiting our assignments I went up to the fourth floor to use the nice bathroom up there by the courtrooms. I was just starting to do my thing when some chick came in talking on her cell phone and went into a stall, kept on talking, and started ripping farts... loud farts! I was like... ummmm ok!!!! so at that moment my mom called me and just to be a bitch I answered it. I don't think the other woman realized there was anyone else in there so she shut up and got off the phone in a hurry and I told my mom all about my morning, while sitting on the pot. lol!