May 31, 2009

jesus in my coffee cup

1/20/2000 - random college writing

which is weird because i don't even drink coffee. it just appeared, kind of like his face. kind of like you appear sometimes. it was steaming, the coffee was hot. i was cold, like i get. but then there was this vision of jesus, in my coffee cup and i didn't know what to do with that. i thought about drinking it, i even tried once, but it started screaming, so i put it down. i thought that if i poured it down my sink he would haunt my dishes. then i thought about flushing it but that just seemed wrong. would he freeze if i put him in the fridge to show you later? well, i don't know. so there i was and there's jesus and there's this coffee which i thought was some kind of symbolism being that i am not religious and he chose to appear in my coffee and i don't drink coffee. as the time is getting on and i need to go to class, i wonder if maybe i should tsart drinking coffee, but then i decide no. i asked myself, what? and when i turned around, the coffee cup and jesus were gone, vanished, like you do sometimes.

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