Sep 28, 2009

i wrote it for her

There's a long story behind this one. But I was cleaning out my closet and found it, so I figured I'd post it and do what I thought was going on with her, the honor...

all things being equal,
i asked him to stop.
where i fell out of bed -
he struck me.
he tore at my arms
until i couldn't feel them -
that's where i cut them;
to see if they'd even bleed.
the blood stained wall
is the hill that i fell down;
sometimes the car door.
i drank
until i burned him out of me,
but i nearly died anyway.
sometimes i think i dreamt it all
but then i see my arm
and i try to remember;
but it's too hazy, too hard.
i can't forget what i can't remember;
because he sits in the shadows
with all that is forgotten;
and i wait.

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