Dec 21, 2010

confessions of a depressive

The world has turned to shades of gray,
and the tears leak from an undying well.
The emptiness, the seemingly unfixable hole in my chest,
leave me waiting for the day that the sun shines through the blinds,
from the East, like it used to.
I stand lost amongst the masses, under the bullshit,
tucked away in my own little corner of the world,
where no one can hurt me, because no one gets in.
Should you be looking for me, 
I'll be wandering in the shadows, with the ghosts, 
with the memory of what I thought life had become.
And, hopefully, in the imagined solitude,
I will heal.


Anonymous said...

So well written! Exactly how I feel now that I find myself wishing I was once again with someone that I had left last you have a particular instance you are reflecting on here?

Jennifer said...

Just a somewhat unexpected breakup...thanks for the compliment :)