Mar 18, 2011

March 18, 2011

It reached 74 degrees today—the first really warm day of daylight saving time. I sat on my fire escape, drinking hot chocolate, and reading a chapter out of my latest purchase, "The Wisdom of No Escape." Something was welling up inside of me.

Tomorrow is exactly one month since I hit absolute bottom. One month since rebuilding myself became my focus and yoga became my daily ritual. One month—but I can still see the scars.

I watched the sun sink behind the buildings on Park and sat a little tighter as a chill began to pass through the air. I took a breath and realized that what I was feeling was hope—something I believed one month ago I would never feel again. I was content, I was calm and I was hopeful.

I smiled, knowing that in that one moment, I was okay.


nicole falk said...

You make things pretty with words. :)

Ogoc said...

I love you Jennifer