Oct 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Aggie

Grams turned 95 today. She's the greatest woman I know. In her life, she has been a wife, a painter, a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother, a pet lover, a Wheel of Fortune fan, the one who ironed my clothes each morning for school after making me breakfast, the one who cut my hair for me whenever I asked, the woman who taught me to not take large bites of garlic, the keeper of the button box, a girl who started drinking at the age of seven because "things were just different back then", the best cook I've had the pleasure of making requests to (especially those chocolate chip cookies), the one who shared her home with her family whenever they needed it, the woman who, when we lost my grandfather—her husband—showed me what strength could look like. She is a woman who has never given up. She is my grandma and I love her more than I have words to explain. But most of all, I am happy that I get to say, my Grams turned 95 today. 

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