Nov 14, 2011

Fastest. Date. Ever.

One PATH ride. A couple stops on the L. Now I'm in Brooklyn, but I am early. I anticipated the trip would take an hour, but less than thirty minutes later, there I was. In Brooklyn. I texted my date, letting him know I was early and would be wandering, likely getting lost. This would be the second time recently I would be meeting someone I met through online dating. I've found these generally don't go well, but my friends have had some luck, so I forge ahead. 

Eventually I meet up with Mr. Brooklyn and we head over to the flea market. I don't really go to Brooklyn, so I was enjoying a view of the city I don't get all that often and the unusually warm day. After walking around the flea market for what must have been less than ten minutes, Mr. Brooklyn informs me that he's not feeling well and needs to leave. With my dating history, I'm not surprised or disappointed. It was more of, "Yea that sounds about right."

Luckily, I had randomly run into a friend (which is weird because I never run into him in Hoboken, but found him in Brooklyn) and had a lovely day walking the flea market and shopping in Brooklyn. Plus, I bought a necklace that says, "Fuck off," and I think that pretty much sums it all up.

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