Feb 20, 2012

Fire at 3rd & Washington

One of the many things I decided for this year is that I am going to listen to my gut more. Even if it's a whisper in the morning that maybe I shouldn't take 280 to work. I usually ignore that urge and those are the days there's some sort of disaster that translates into a three hour commute. Last night, when I got back into town from Newark airport, I decided to walk home from the PATH on Washington, which I never do.

When I got to 1st, I saw news vans and wondered what was up. Not too long after I smelled smoke and saw crowds. By the time I got to 3rd, I saw what all the commotion was for—a building on the corner was on fire. There were flames coming out of the left side of the building, but it looked like it was mostly under control, so I assumed it had started long before I had gotten home and the fire fighters were close to putting it out. 

This morning I read that it went on well into the night and eventually engulfed the entire building. I swung by on my way to work to see what the damage was, and to my surprise, there were still fire crews out at 7:30 a.m. Hopefully no one was injured.

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