Jun 7, 2012

Here I Am...Doing Yoga!

For a very long time, my vacation photos included me presenting something...the Golden Gate Bridge, the Great Wall of China, waterfalls in Puerto Rico, the Eiffel Tower, to name a few. The pictures kind of said, "I made this for you. You're welcome." The past few trips, however, I've taken to doing yoga—standing bow pulling pose, to be exact. 

It started in Turks and Caicos. After a horrendous ordeal getting down there, I managed to get drunk somewhere between the flight from Miami to Turks and arriving at Club Med. We wandered around the hotel for a bit, grabbed another whiskey, and it wasn't long before I came across a schedule of events, noticing that yoga on the pier started in about a half hour. "This," I thought, "would be a great idea." 

I convinced the gals to go and a few minutes into it I realized I was entirely too drunk to be doing yoga on an uneven pier where one wrong move would land me in the gorgeous Caribbean waters. During one pose, my friend who had arrived to the island on time the day before, looked over and asked, "Just how drunk are you?" 

I was fairly drunk. The Club Med photo crew who stalks you your entire stay, caught my friend and I doing standing bow pulling pose.

It made a fun story, and somewhere along the way I decided this would be my new vacation shot. I'm fairly certain I'm doing a terrible job at the pose, but to be fair, it's really hard to do in jeans. Now I just need to travel to more places!

Versailles, France

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nicole falk said...

This is spectacular.