Jul 9, 2012

Gluten-Free Week Four

I'm entering my fourth week of my gluten-free experiment. Here's what I've found thus far—let's start with the positives:

  • I am less bloated.
  • I've lost 4 pounds - which I don't know is so much a result of being gluten free, so much as it is a result of me getting frustrated at all of things I CAN'T eat and then giving up and going to bed hungry and cranky.
  • I'm a much cheaper date drinking wine instead of beer.
  • I, surprisingly, do not miss bread.
  • What are the drawbacks? Well:
  • Being in a Ben & Jerry's trying to select a gluten-free ice cream is harder than you'd think and was frustrating—ice cream is supposed to make you happy.
  • I had gluten-free pizza last night and it was so terrible I almost wanted to cry. Rationalizing that I would get used to it, like I did apples, did nothing to make me feel better. I don't want to get used to terrible pizza, I just want to eat really good pizza.
  • I'm staring at the back of an Apple Cinnamon Chex box and I kind of want to punch it, because you know what? Living gluten free actually DOES mean you have to say no to your favorite foods. Chex is NOT one of my favorite foods—it's actually awful. "Live in the Yes!" I want to live in the no. 

So, what do I think? It's awesome to feel less bloated, which honestly, so far is the only solid positive. But doesn't that mean that I can just eat less bread—or hell, I will give up bread, bagels, and I will even look for gluten-free chicken marinades. The brownies weren't bad either, maybe I can stick with those. But, I think, for me, there has to be some sort of balance. I'm not saying I want to eat pizza every day of my life, but, is it worth it to get this frustrated and upset over food? Isn't food supposed to be one of life's little pleasures? Okay, maybe it's not, but that creme brulee cheesecake at the restaurant up the street certainly is! And I want some! I want some right now! Moderation right? Gluten-reduced?

Just please give me some cheesecake.

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