Aug 5, 2012

Before the Storm

I just went out for a failed run. But I don't feel bad because I've been running a lot and at the last check of my phone it was 87 degrees out. That is not running weather. I made it one mile, which I am okay with. On my way home, I could see a storm rolling in, so I rushed back so I could climb up to my roof (you know, the last place a person should be during a lightning storm) to take some pictures. Confident that I snapped some good ones, I scaled the fire escape back into my apartment right before the rain started.

As I sat down to edit them, I realized, "Goddamn it, the camera was on shutter priority from the other night and I didn't adjust for it! Arg!" But, a couple of them came out a little cool, a little creepy, technically completely incorrect, but whatever. I give you...the storm of August 5, 2012.

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