Sep 27, 2012

New York...You So Crazy

I've been in New York City the past couple of days shooting a video for work. The first day, I thought it'd be fun to take my picture with one of the eccentrics in Times Square. Now, I don't frequent Times Square, because I imagine that's kind of what hell is like, so I didn't know that you're expected to pay the crazies for their time. I just kind of thought, hey, they're insane...that's why they're here. Well, I found out the opposite the hard way—after getting my picture taken with the below fellow, he chased me across the street grunting at me. No es bueno. 

I awoke to the second day of shooting feeling like absolute garbage. My teetering sinus infection finally became decisive. Unfortunately for me, in the wrong direction. I arrive in the city with my head throbbing, only to have the waiter at brunch spill five glasses of cold water all over me. The day was not going well. 

I went back home, changed, and headed back to Times Square, which was now overrun with Chinese people who were filming some sort of Chinese cooking show. Co-workers nowhere to be found. But after some crossed communications, several avenues, and one angry phone call, the afternoon took an upswing. Hooray. We headed to Madison Square Park, which was cool because I had never seen the Flatiron building in person. Or, well, I don't remember ever seeing the Flatiron building in person. Who knows, my memory is so bad I could've lived there for awhile. 

Shooting was winding down, one Yoko Ono sighting later, (I didn't see her, my co-workers did. Later I'd see an Olympic swimmer. Except, I didn't watch the Olympics, so I didn't know it.) and then this happened:

Again, there was loud grunting, but at least this time I wasn't being chased, and seeing their butts was a big step up from the bikinied Statue of Liberty. I'm excited, and a little scared to see what tomorrow venture into Manhattan holds...

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