Nov 11, 2012

Afternoon with Aggie

As per usual when leaving the house without my camera, I regretted it. So, I had to settle for iPhone pictures. What I thought would be a couple of hours hanging with Grams turned into a full afternoon of family time. Grams is a trooper, as always. Most of us could only hope to have a fraction of the strength this woman does. Fractured ribs, a fractured spine, quite a few lumps on the head, and she still had the sense of humor to make fun of the food.
After a hurricane and a snowstorm, it ended up being a nice 60 degree day today. 

I tried all of the food she was served. It was terrible I don't blame her for sticking with the coffee. 

1 comment:

nicole falk said...

She is really such an amazing woman. I'd give anything to be 1/8 of that lady.