Sep 19, 2014

Remember to Enjoy the Transitions

I've been thinking, talking and writing a lot lately about transitions...because I'm in the middle of one. I finally made my way to a yoga class tonight and interestingly enough, the theme was—transitions. She spoke about the transition from summer to fall and how so often we're looking to get from point A to point B (be it a season, a destination, or some other point in time) without enjoy the middle, the now, the transition. 

That's one of the things I love about yoga...that somehow the class lesson applies to exactly what's going on in my life. It made me stop and think about how a month ago I was starting to be able to enjoy the "in between." I wasn't working full time, but I knew that one day I would be, so I was enjoying the moment. I had more time to get to the gym, I was free of a schedule, I owned my life in a way I never had before. Tonight's class also made me realize that I have stopped doing that entirely. 

This slow transition from living alone to moving in with my boyfriend had become so stressful I have been missing out on the middle. For example, instead of enjoying waking up next to the man I love and having a lazy Saturday last weekend, I was wide awake, assembling shelves and rushing off to my apartment to move boxes—because I wanted to the move to be done. I wanted to get to point B. In that, I missed relaxing with him the last weekend before his five weeks of travel.

I'm pitta to the core and most of the time I can't sit still if there is "stuff" to be done. I need reminders, like tonight's class, to remember that in rushing to get things done I miss the process of getting them done and sometimes the beauty in not getting them done at all. I overlook the small moments, when those are exactly the ones that should be cherished. 

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