Jul 19, 2011

I'm single again...so here are some stories.

I had just broken up with someone. Well, someone had just broken up with me...via text. I was sad that the seemingly great time we were having turned into a whole lot of nothing in an instant, and I was mad that it ended with a text. (See previous blog.) So, I got up after my 6 a.m. text wake up and went running. But afterwards, I found myself still angry. I went to hot yoga. Still...

So, I called a girlfriend and we started drinking at around 3 p.m. What had been planned as an early night turned into me eating death chicken at 4 a.m. (Again, see previous blog.) As my friend and I made our rounds to different bars, we encountered a rather handsome Irish bartender. Now, just getting dumped by an Irishman and having spent a year of my life with a bartender, these are two things I definitely wanted to avoid. But that goddamn accent will get me every time. I ended up giving him number.

(a month or so elapses...)

Last weekend, I met a school teacher. We talked about religion, philosophy and what it all means at 1 a.m. He left with every intention of calling me. I left and couldn't remember what he looked like. He did call though, and we did talk. He told me all about how his friend is now living with him because he just broke up with his live-in girlfriend of three years.

School teacher: He's just acting so pathetic. He needs to get off the couch and go out and try to meet girls.
Me: How long ago did they break up?
School teacher: Two weeks ago.
Me: Give the guy a break! It's a hard life adjustment to break up with someone after that long especially if you lived together. You have to change your whole life.
School teacher: I don't know. I don't think it'd bother me that much.

Not being on Facebook, I googled him. I came across a website where students could review their teachers. And oh boy, was that hilarious. I think the highlights of what I read were about his affinity for "touching himself," his seemingly over-the-top love of Lord of the Rings, and how much he likes to throw acorns around the classroom. I'm not judging him based on comments made by 15 year olds. They only served to solidify that from our conversation this definitely would not be a guy for me. That and his favorite band is Metallica.

So I decided today that should School teacher call me again, I won't be going out with him. Strangely enough, today is also the day that Irish bartender decided to text me for the first time...five weeks later. That's pretty much all there is to say about that.

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