Feb 9, 2012

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Here's what I've reaffirmed for myself in Ft. Lauderdale...I really suck at using those hotel key cards. I don't know if I swipe too fast, too slow, or too spastic. Swipe...nothing. Swipe again...red light. I look at the room number to make sure I'm at the right room. Swipe...red light. Did I forget what room I'm in? Maybe this isn't really my room. Swipe...nothing. Now I consider going back to the lobby and telling them my key card doesn't work. Maybe it was somehow deactivated at the gym. Or maybe the magnet in my wallet erased all the data on the card. Ok, I'll go back to the lobby, but first, I try one more time. Swipe...ah, sweet green light. And all is well again.

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