Jan 31, 2013

Agnes Sally Strehl Minchin

October 20, 1916 - January 30, 2013

A Mother's Thoughts

My love has gone, he's gone away,
With someone else it's true, 
His final words, his only words
Were, "Mother, I love you."

I stand there on his wedding day.
I tried so not to cry
But all I saw, all I heard
Were sounds of days gone by.

His tiny steps, his little sounds
The faces he would make. 
All these things raced through my mind
I thought my heart would break.

"Control yourself," his father said,
"You've got to realize
The love that you so strongly feel
Is shining in her eyes."

And then I turned to look at her
She looked so full of joy
How young she was & so in love
In love with my fine boy

Twas then I knew the time had come
For me to step asde,
To get down off my pedastal
And make way for the Bride.

Agnes Minchin, date unknown


nicole falk said...

This woman was amazing!!! This is beautiful.

nicole falk said...
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