Sep 4, 2013

I May Die

Well, I mean, not really. Here's the thing. I've noticed lately that I am pretty much constantly congested. And just like it can't rain all the time, it can't be allergy season all the time (Or can it? Because that would pretty much suck.) So, to avoid going to the doctor, as I seem to have a penchant for lately (No, I can't walk...Yes, it may be broken...I'm just going to shake it off...) I asked Google what I should do.

Neti pot. Check. I know some people late these. I love it. I love everything that comes with it. Even how if you bend over to pick something up four hours after you've used it a tiny waterfall comes spewing forth from your face. (Ok, this isn't really cool, and probably means I'm using it wrong, but I still find it pretty damn hilarious.) So anyways, I shall start to Neti on the regular.

Cut out dairy. The fuck, you say? Dr. Oz says that week one will remove dairy from your system, week two will let your body heal, then week three something else happens that I immediately forget even though I just read it. Clearly, something's bound to go wrong in week three. But this is where I may die.

As I sit here to ponder whether or not I can cut out dairy for three weeks, potentially forever, I already know the answer is no. I mean, no ice cream. Come on. And as I finish downing my salad that I have covered in feta cheese, I am thinking this mission is pretty much a failure from the get go. But hey, I'm going to try it anyway. And I will bitch about it here. Unless I forget. I tend to think blogging about stuff will make me stick to it, but then I just forget to blog, and whatever goal I am trying to hit also falls away.

Regardless, I'm tired of being congested. But maybe I'm allergic to dust mites. Maybe I should just give up dust mites.

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nicole falk said...

Be careful, Neti pots and thing can create mild spores!
And yea dairy is a BIG problem with congestion. Randy who has awful sinus problems, deals with all those things :/
Good luck!!!